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Fysioplein is the specialist in the region of The Hague, Delft and Rotterdam for sports injuries, orthopedic, traumatological and spine-related complaints. We are ready to work with you on your recovery.
I have complaints

If you have a complaint about the posture and musculoskeletal system, you can make an appointment with us to have the complaint assessed and to start a treatment process.


First an intake takes place from which a treatment plan follows. If necessary, an additional examination can be planned. Then the actual treatment begins.

I would like to make an appointment

Make an appointment? This can be done by telephone or e-mail. Check in your insurance policy whether fysiotherapy is reimbursed.

I have complaints

Lower leg complaints

It is wise to have complaints of the upper leg or knee assessed by one of our consultants fysiotherapists. Want to know more about upper leg or knee complaints? Click here.


A treatment can consist of: Manual therapy and/or mulligan concept, remedial therapy, dry needling, taping, shockwave, electrostimulation or ultrasound. We also have advanced equipment with which we can test the strength of the back, abdomen, knee and shoulder (cybex, isokinetic test). We also provide (sports) shoe advice.

Treatment - exercise therapy - 01

Exercise therapy

During the exercise therapy we look for shortcomings and/or limitations that are present at that moment: mobility, balance, coordination, strength endurance, strength and speed. They differ per individual. You therefore receive exercise therapy that is tailored to your needs.

Shoe advice: gait analysis - 01

Gait analysis and/or shoe advice

During the gait analysis, your old shoes will be assessed. You have to walk up and down in front of the camera a few times to film and analyze your walking pattern. You then walk barefoot in front of the camera several times and, if necessary, in corrected shoes to judge the difference. The gait pattern is then assessed frame by frame to determine whether there is compensation from the feet, knees and/or hip/pelvis and appropriate shoe advice can be given.

Treatment - manual therapy - 01

Manual therapy

The aim of manual therapy is on the one hand to improve the functioning of the joints and on the other hand to improve your posture and movements. To this end, the manual therapist uses a number of specific techniques that can be applied in the joints.

Specific treatments - dry needling - 1

Dry Needling

Dry needling is the insertion of a 'dry' needle (without the addition of medication) into the affected muscle(s). The treatment often results in pain relief and improved mobility of the affected muscles and joints.

Specific treatments - mulligan - 01

Mulligan concept

The Mulligan concept is a safe and effective way of mobilizing joints. The therapy is pain-free, should give immediate improvement, which improvement should last for a long time.

Specific treatments - shock wave - 1


Shockwave is a treatment technique in which patients are exposed to powerful 'shock waves', which are precisely directed by means of a treatment head. In this way, these waves have a mechanical effect at the desired location in the body.

Specific treatments - medical taping - 01

Medical Taping Concept

We regularly tap according to the concept of medical taping to achieve a long-term effect of the treatment.

specific treatments - Showdown - 1

Isokinetic strength test

This test is widely used within our rehabilitation programs to assess where you stand in rehabilitation, what the next steps are in recovery and whether you can start with (partial) sports resumption.

Specific treatments - ultrasound - 01


Using ultrasound, we can assess the tendons and muscles that may be involved in the complaint. This ensures that the treatment can be better tailored to the structure that is affected.

About Fysioplein

Fysioplein believes it is very important that the patient understands what is going on with regard to his/her complaint and why a certain treatment is chosen. The patient is given 'homework exercises' for optimal recovery.
It is essential that the patient experiences for himself what is and what is not possible during daily work. Thus, the limit of load can be determined and the specific training program built. There is regular evaluation to assess whether the goals are being achieved.

Our vacancies

Fysioplein is looking for an enthusiastic physiotherapist. Do you want to participate in an ambitious, motivated and fun team of manual and physiotherapists at different locations, please contact us. Want to know more about this vacancy? 

Our locations

Fysioplein has two branches in The Hague, a branch in Delft and a branch in Rotterdam. For more information about our locations click below.

Latest news

Fysioplein works with Fysiomanager
Fysioplein has decided to switch to a new Electronic Patient File (EPD), with the aim of ultimately offering better support to patients.
Collaboration Bergman Rotterdam
Fysioplein has various locations, including a location within the Bergman Clinics in Rotterdam. We have had the privilege of working closely with this clinic for four years.
Manual Therapy for headache and neck pain relief
Manual therapy is an effective approach to reducing or even preventing head and neck pain.
The importance of replacing running shoes
Most shoes last an average of between 600 and 1.000 kilometers.
Specific treatments - ultrasound - 01
Ultrasound is a valuable tool for this fysiotherapists in diagnosing and treating various conditions. It can be used to treat tendon and muscle injuries.
Isokinetic strength test on the Cybex
At Fysioplein we use the cybex. Cybex is a brand of isokinetic testing and training equipment used in fysiotherapy and sports medicine clinics.
Knee complaints - knee prosthesis - 01
Exercise therapy before and after a knee prosthesis
A knee replacement is a common surgical procedure performed to reduce pain, stiffness, and limitations in knee mobility. This procedure is often done in patients with osteoarthritis, a condition in which the cartilage in the knee joint breaks down.
Why fysiotherapy must be included in the basic insurance
Fysiotherapy plays an essential role in promoting health and restoring mobility and functionality after injury or illness. Despite this important role fysiotherapy in many countries, including the Netherlands, is not (fully) covered by basic insurance. In this blog we will explain the reasons why fysiotherapy must be included in the basic insurance, so that this valuable form of care is accessible to everyone.
New employees
Three new colleagues have recently joined us. One new office manager and two new assistant fysiotherapists.
We regularly supervise trainees who are in their final year of training Fysiosit therapy. At the Sweelinck locationplein Celine and Annelot are currently doing an internship and Mike is doing an internship at our location in Delft. Our interns can also be involved in your rehabilitation. Of course we will always ask if you agree with this.
Covid-19 (Coronavirus)
Covid-19 is the medical name for Corona, but it is the same disease. In the past two years, many people in the Netherlands have contracted COVID-19. One has had little trouble with it, the other has struggled with it for a long time. You may even have been admitted to hospital (intensive care or a nursing ward).
Specific treatments - dry needling - 2
What is dry needling?
Muscles are punctured by means of a special technique. In this way they become relaxed quickly and for a long time. Dry needling uses a 'dry' (dry) acupuncture needle – so no fluid is injected into the muscle.

What do patients say about us?

Fysioplein attaches great importance to the experience of the patients we treat.
We are open to feedback about your experiences with us during your rehabilitation. Feel free to briefly share your experience with others.
Below are a number of responses from patients about their experience with Fysioplein during their rehabilitation.

Review via www.zorgkaartnederland.nl

"After not being completely sure, a second opinion was given. Listened to me extensively. Treatment plan was drawn up, when it turned out that there was no improvement, we went to the doctor together. He agreed with the findings. Operation and rehabilitation. Pain-free after 2 years without that tendons have been cut through as previously suggested by the hospital Fysiopleinnothing but praise."

Review via www.zorgkaartnederland.nl

"Emma van Zuijlen worked very thoroughly. She examined me extensively, asked many follow-up questions, explained everything she did well, did not give too many exercises and adjusted them if necessary and was generally very empathetic. I can therefore highly recommend her!"

Review via www.zorgkaartnederland.nl

"Tijn and Frans helped me very well for the second time. This time after a severe concussion. After 3 weeks of pain and dizziness, I asked for advice and I was helped very well. Immediate 80% improvement in dizziness. I feel safe and have every confidence that they have the best intentions for me and that it will work out in the end. Clear instructions for the exercises at home. And also very cozy. "


My practitioner was Patty Welp (fysiotherapist) - Pleasant to deal with, customer-friendly. (Listened well!) - Clear directions and advice,... good structure in exercises and also as a result, in my mobility and taxability.

Make an appointment?

You can reach us by phone or email via the telephone number or registration form below. Clearly state the complaint. Then we make an appointment with a specialist fysiotherapist.